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High End Escort _Amy
Elite NY Escort _Amy
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Best NY Escort _Nina


Why not indulge in the company of a fun, true GFE sexy blonde  escort? A High-Class Escort will always make you feel refreshed and ready to take on another day. After all, she will treat you like a true gentleman.Amy is a New York Escort that is always ready to indulge her clients in a true taste of the high life. You will always find her looking her best, for she truly wants to stand out and gain the attention of everyone she comes into contact with. Take a moment to truly admire her gorgeous frame, for she will always use her fashion to highlight her curves.Sasha is a naturally warm and friendly woman. So feel free to speak to her about anything that interests you. Amy will always indulge you and make you feel confident about yourself

​Height:  5'7"  

Age: 24  yrs 

Hair Color: Blonde  

Eye: Hazel Brown 


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